Nigel Lewis
NCL Studios
Illustrator, Designer, Magic Maker

NCL Studios

Illustrator, Designer, Magic Maker


About Me

I've been an illustrator from the time I could pick up a pencil. If I could not draw or create, I have no clue what I would do.
I graduated from Sheridan College Illustration and have been working mainly in magazine/newspaper illustration before I started my work in comic book illustration. Along with illustration I have worked in prop and costume design for small films.
I have worked for various comic book studios in Canada and the United States. My main style has been realistic with a heavy emphasis on the detail and design of the characters.
Clients that I have and are currently working for are City500 Media, Broken Tree Comics, Irwin Toys, Draxhall Jump Studios, Devils Due Comics

Comic Book Projects

I have been working on a comic book line for several years and will be soon releasing it to publication. At the moment only one book will be released, but more will follow. Shown here:


My Instagram account can be found here:
I try to update it regularly.
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